SCHLICKEYSEN //   BOVEDILLA SERIES #01   In 1855 the German machinery manufacturer  Carl Schlickeysen  issued the patent he had recently created, the  "Universal Patent Brickmaking machine" , the first machine created to manufacture bricks by extrusión as an industrial process.   SCHLICKEYSEN  is a modular furniture system based on two types of modular metal supports and standard-sized ceramic curved vaults. All kinds of settings can be configured from the combination of these three elements; picnic tables, continuous benches, grandstands, topographies, and many more typologies can be achieved by just stacking the metal supports and using the ceramic vaults as horizontal supporting surface.   SCHLICKEYSEN  is the first prototype of  BOVEDILLA SERIES  research, initiated by ENORME Studio and aimed to promote the use of industrialized ceramic pieces applied to furniture.  SCHLICKEYSEN  first prototype has been fabricated for Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid, firstly to be used as temporary furniture arrangement to provide space for activities at  Gastrofestival 2017  and secondly to be included as a part of the Centre’s permanent furniture.   BOVEDILLA SERIES  commits to the use of local materials and handcrafted work. Ceramic pieces used to produce the furniture are part of the stock owned by  Grupo Díaz Redondo  entreprise dedicated to the production of industrialized ceramics. Metal parts are fabricated at metalwork workshop CRRSA, both located a few kilometres away from Madrid.
 Mundo Neumático  Taller de ENORME Studio para el festival Accionando del ISAD Instituto Superior de Arquitectura y Diseño de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México.  Asistentes locales: Fede Campos / Willy Villanueva  40 alumnos/as del ISAD
  Letters to the Mayor: Madrid   September 29th – October 9th, 2016  XII Semana de la Arquitectura  COAM  #LetterstotheMayor   @storefrontnyc   Letters to the Mayor: Madrid  presents a collection of letters written by more than 50 architects, bringing pressing issues and new ideas to the desk of Mayor Manuela Carmena.    Letters to the Mayor: Madrid  takes place as part of the XIII Semana de la Arquitectura, and is the 11th edition of  Letters to the Mayor , a project initiated by Storefront for Art and Architecture in 2014.  This project invites architects to write letters to their mayors, initiating a dialogue between those who represent a city and those that build it. International iterations, organized in partnership with local institutions and individuals, bring the project to cities and towns across the globe. Each of the iterations share three common elements: an exhibition of letters addressed to the mayor, a Mayoral Desk and Architect’s Table, and a wallpaper that reflects ideas and issues unique to each city. The desk and table, as well as the wallpaper, are designed by local architects, artists, and designers, and reflect upon the role of the architect in the construction of the future of the contemporary city.   Letters to the Mayor: Madrid  is curated by Moneo Brock and Enorme Studio.
  BUILD ME! The PIER of TeamLabs.     Enorme Studio / TXP Todo X La Praxis / TeamLabs   BUILD ME is a collaborative work system, a compilation of co-design strategies, a rapid-response work-group to pursue a common purpose… but above all BUILD ME! is an attitude to take up the challenge of building collectively a unique and unrepeatable object, a singular process.
  IDEACAMP17 WAVES     Project Authorship / Autores    * Basurama / Enorme Studio / NutEstudio / PEZ Estudio    Collaborators / Colaboradores    * Viuda de Ramirez / Manu Mc Giver    Promoters / Promotor    * IDEACAMP 2017. European Cultural Foundation / Platoniq
  AUGUSTA EMERITA     Roman Recycled Style   Augusta Emerita was a Roman city founded in the year 25 a.C. to accommodate the licensed soldiers of the legions X Gemina and V Alaudade. Now that city is Mérida. A new edition of the Ibero-American Social Work Congress was held in the city last October.  ENORME Studio we have designed the scenography of the Congress with a Roman Recyclable style. All the counters are reinterpretations of the altars where blood sacrifices were made, the stands of the sponsors small fronts of classical temples and the rest area a seat columns reproducing 1/1 scale of the columns of its hexastyle portico, with base of foam rubber imitating granite and shaft from cardboard tubes.  All the scenography was made with MDF wood planks of 19mm thickness and 60mm diameter cardboard tubes that will be recycled in the workshop "Fabrikando, Laboratory of experimental manufacturing in Self-construction and Reuse" that will be held during the month of November in the facilities of LaFábrika detodalavida, endorsed by the GRRR platform (Management for the Reuse and Redistribution of Resources).